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The Analysis Sort Story of “Gaston” William Saroyan

Where does the story take place?

The story takes place at father’s home in Paris that most likely in his apartment and the place it’s self described by the writer as place that didn’t appropriate as a home this description seen in page 2 paragraph 2 line12 “…home in Paris if you can call it as a home.”. Not ably in the father’s home but also in his neighborhood it’s seen in the page 2 paragraph 3 line 15 “That morning, on little walk in the neighborhood…”.

Who are the characters?

The father and the daughter in the story are spending quality bonding time during the frame of the story. What began as just the simple act of a meal of peaches turned into a thoughtful insight of their life in the short story.

The Father: He was very old especially for a young man (thirty-six), He had the biggest a mustache although his daughter knew that it was not a mustache. He wore a blue and white striped jersey instead of a shirt and tie but no coat. His arms were covered with the same hair, only it was a little lighter and thinner. He wore blue slicks, but no shoes and socks instead He was barefoot. It’s seen in page 2 lines 6-10. The father is a wise man and so love his daughter but also appreciate a single life that form with an bug “Gaston” this a prove that he want to make some lesson to his daughter to appreciate of life and respect it no matter it was.

The daughter: She described as a young girl that came from New York witch so deferens with her father’s home in Paris. Because she grows up mostly in with her mother she didn’t some open with her father this, why her father bring “Gaston” the breaking the ice or barrier with his daughter.

What is the main conflict?

The daughter’s concept of love grown within the story. Gaston just a simple bug in a bad peach ends up to be so much more than that without a home. As the story continues she ends up squashing the bug after the conversation with her mother. I believe that when he states "the poor fellow hasn't got a home, and there he is with all that pure design and handsome form, and nowhere to go" (62), he talks about his self. The fathers fear of losing his daughter and or making her unhappy is very strong. Gaston the little creature taken from his home acts as a visual for the situation the daughter has encountered. When the father places him on the plate, a empty white plate, along with the two peach halves that once gave him security. Just in the way he jumps at the fact she wants a bad peach. It was the end of Gaston and yet a new beginning for her. It may be just a bad peach like that of a bad marriage but it is a whole. And finding something good within the bad peach is like finding something good coming out of the divorce situation. He has a connection with the daughter in the way that they are so different but yet so much the same. The divorce dramatically effected her life and she put an end to those thoughts quickly by putting Gaston out of his homeless misery. She formed a bond with the critter when her father was around and explained to her how special the bug is. When the daughter realizes how useless and wrong he is, he is put out of his misery quickly.

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