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Tugas Telaah Prosa “The Good wife” by Tahira Naqvi

The character in the short story of “The Good Wife”


Sabira in the story described as young woman who married with a doctor (Sulaiman) that much older than her. She was so calm and a few words, talked only of Lahore. Sabira was twenty-eight when she married Sulaiman Alim. He is a good woman and always serves her husband. Sulaiman considers there is a fear in her and sometimes she hide all the feelings that exist and even fear enveloped Sabira.

Sulaiman Alim

Sulaiman Ali in the story described as old person who live the New York as a doctor who had been practicing medicine for nearly ten years. He also had no experience of women; he placed tremendous value on virginity. Suleiman Alim was forty-five when he married Sabira and he was fifty now. He suffered from hypertension.

The Setting (relation the setting with one of the character in the short story).

The setting ground a story in place (place evists in particular moment), while time frames the story within the larger story of a character’s life. In the story setting took place in a little Connecticut town that is considered part of the New York metropolitan area. Mostly the story takes place in their comfortably the white fifty year old colonial in Pleasant Hills. In the story the setting is very important because setting can express the character feeling like when the writer described the routine of Sabira “during his one-month stay, he had been plagued by diarrhea, mosquitoes, and noise. Every evening Sabira occupied herself with the chores in the house while he, stretched out on his comfortable Laz-e-Boy chair, his feet resting on an ottoman, read The New York Times, pored over the crossword puzzle and watched Dan Rather on CBS. Once or twice he noticed that she sat on the kitchen table and wrote in a notebook.” In this part of story, we can see that Sabira try to adapt with the environment and neighborhood, as a wife she always do her daily activities as a good wife. Setting can provide both motivation and explanations for character’s actions and demonstrate the effects of character’s choices. Setting in fiction also consists of physical, environmental, social, historical, and cultural content like in the story ”Suleiman Alim was forty-five when he married Sabira. She was twenty-eight. His mother and sisters had arranged the match in Pakistan...” and “he relented. All right, he said, he would come to Lahore in two weeks and meet the woman they had found for him.” In this part of the story, the writer described the setting as I explain above and it consists of many aspects from cultural until historical content. Setting suggests atmosphere and mood, provides an appropriate background and allows the specific events to take place and the character to develop. In the story can find it “He liked to read his paper in peace, undisturbed by conversation, and he continued to watch the news on television on his return from his clinic, also devoting as he had always done, a major portion of his time to the New York Times crossword puzzle. Unaware at first of his schedule, Sabira made the effort of sitting with him to give him an account of her day the first evening he returned to his routine. But he brushed her off, kindly, telling her as he would a child, "I have to watch the news first. We'll talk later." He was grateful she left him alone after that and didn't complain or throw a tantrum. He had heard women were prone to tantrums when they felt ignored.” In this part we can see that setting can be determining the character it was and also build the atmosphere for create the event in the story.

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